Prescription Treatments

Of course, your own personal physician is the best source of information on what treatments are best for you and your own unique, individual circumstances. If you don’t like or trust your doctor, get a new one. Seriously.

But there is no reason why we can’t share and compare and yes, even rate our experiences and results with different medical treatment options. What rarely seems to work for anyone, yet is expensive and uncomfortable, merits some real consideration before undertaking. And those treatments that many alopecians have found to be beneficial and could comfortably tolerate, seem to be at least worthy of a discussion with your doctor.

And if you and your doctor are trying something new, contact us and let us know how it is going.

There are treatments out there. Some that really do work for a lot of us. Let’s combine our collective knowledge to further the effort of finding ones that work for all of us.

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