OTC Treatments

This is a very hard to define category. Lots of products claim to cure hair-loss. For better or worse, it’s a huge industry. Many of the companies selling their hair-loss treatments claim to cure not only alopecia areata, but male pattern baldness and other forms of alopecia as well. Well then. You can find shampoos, conditioners, pill, lotions, and creams. You name it, and you can be sure someone is selling it.

But do they work? It seems that if a real, consistent, and viable cure were available (especially over-the-counter) we would all be using it. We could all bid each other a fond farewell and Godspeed, and be done with this.

But in the interest of fair reviewing, we’ll happily put these items up on the block. In fact, some of these products may have real benefits. They may thicken the appearance of hair to cover patches, soothe the scalp, and hell, who knows? Maybe they do work!

If you have used any of these items, please throw down! If the product worked for you, in any way, by all means let us know. If it didn’t, say so. Either way, do spell out the conditions and time frame in which you used it.

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