Arnica Mother Tincture

First we’ll share the link to the Homeopathy and Health Forum thread that originally led us to this homeopathic remedy. And here is a bit of the thread that discusses Arnica Mother Tincture as a treatment:

Arnica Mother Tincture can be found online at Amazon

“I have been suffering from hairloss for the last 7 years. I am now 35 years, healthy otherwise. I tried everything from rogain to hormone pills, other sorts of products until I run into this website and decided to follow a recipe Joe De Silva, among others suggested and supplemented it with topical application of decolorized iodine. My hairloss DRAMATICALLY decreased in three weeks of dedicated application.

After about 6 weeks, I now have fewer than 15 hairs coming out when I comb my hair (it used to be so much that I dreaded to even look at the amount of hair that used to come out just as recent as 2 months ago. Also, most of the hair that came out was actually broken as opposed to what it was before, falling from the roots. I also saw significant regrowth in my frontal temple area where hair was receding. I havent noticed yet any regrown anywhere else but it is such great relief to see that my hair finally stopped falling out abnormally. I would really say to women who are suffering, to try this and see what happens. You have nothing to lose. my regimen is as follows:

1. every third day I used a mixture of coconut oil and arnica tincture (as Joe suggested, Take 20 ml. Arnica Mother Tinture and 80 ml. of coconut oil). I used Qtip to apply on the scalp so my hair does not get too oily.

2. Every evening, i used white iodine on my scalp and skipped on the days that I used the coconut. I heard of iodine tincture on another hairloss site.”

Click here to read the whole thread.
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  1. mradula shrivastava says

    my problem is hair loss. i am very much tense due to this
    problem pls suggest me how to use arnica treatment at home

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  3. Mehjabeen Shaikh says

    I have been suffering from hairloss for the last 10 years.I tried arnica montana Q But never Relief. kindly give me a advice.


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