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Alternative therapies run the gamut from the generally accepted as beneficial, to the edge of the edge of the fringe. First it must be noted that one shouldn’t undertake any sort of elective therapy without consulting a medical practitioner. Now having said that (and meant it!) we can go ahead and talk about what can be a useful and beneficial area to explore. There was the recent much reported story on how a preliminary study on the effects of hypnotherapy on alopecia were at least promising. We like promising.

And for many of the alternative therapies like yoga, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy, there are benefits that go beyond the re-growth of our hair. For those of us that are struggling with self-image due to hair-loss, these therapies can help us to fall back in love with our bodies. Bodies that can seem to have betrayed us. And their is increasing evidence that some of these treatments may have real, positive effects on the progression of alopecia

If you have undertaken some form of non-western medicine alternative to deal with your alopecia, or it’s aftermath, please share. What did you do? For how long? Were you committed, or honestly maybe a little half-hearted? Were you under the care and/or guidance of a doctor or practitioner? Was it a waste of time and money? If it didn’t help with your alopecia, did it help with your general health or confidence?

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