Venus Dennison

Venus is a Creative Director at HBO. Before she accepted her position at the prestigous network, she worked for such high profile magazines as Marie Claire, Madamoiselle, Vibe, and The Source. Venus was diagnosed with alopecia at the age of five. Ms. Dennison is active in promoting the extraordinary beauty of bald women and is involved in the ambitious BOLD project. You can view the most recent video from the film portion of the project at


  1. I joined a friend in the fight to help bring awareness to alopecia about a year ago. We have been running into so many road blocks and people that seem to want to help. Our organization deals with kids living with alopecia . We have been working on ways to get more exposer as well as find a research center to donate to. Everyone keeps saying that there is no cure but history has shown that cures have been found to many diseases that they said would never happen . If you have any useful information or suggestions please contact . Thank You

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