Anna Fitzpatrick

Anna has had alopecia since the age of seven, and began her modeling career at the age of fourteen. She is currently represented by the ’62 Models and Talent’ agency. Clearly more than just a beautiful face, she was also the co-host of the music program “Beauty and the Beats”, and will soon host her own fashion program on AltTV in her native New Zealand. Here is a lovely pic of Anna at a recent fashion event. The New Zealand Herald did a nice story on her, and as young as she is, we are sure to be hearing more from her in the years to come.


  1. This girl is just amazingly beautiful. If you click on the link that is to her agency, there are some great pics of her. She also models with wigs sometimes it looks like, but she is truly most beautiful just as she is. She looks otherworldly, if that other world had a more advanced civilisation than ours.


  2. Anna is awesome! She came to my school and talked to the kids about Alopecia (in New Zealand). She had to answer some really dumb questions from the boys, like, will the hair on your wig grow?, but she was quick and quirky, and answered back in language us teenagers can relate to. At the time, she was wearing her wig and when one of the guys asked her to take it off, she had no hang-ups about it! It was great! Anna is real! Keep up the great work Girl!!!

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