So you have alopecia…

being a rookie with alopeciaBeing new to this whole alopecia thing, we know you probably have a lot of questions. This is a good thing. You should seek out all the answers you can, because as cliche as it sounds, knowledge IS power. There is a lot of information out there, on this site and many others, that can help you to understand better the medical aspects of your condition. Soak it all up. But there are some things your doctor probably won’t tell you (unless you are very lucky). And as rare as alopecia can be, you very likely don’t have anyone handy to sit down and seek advice from.

Well, you’ve surfed to the right place, you clever devil. Because our veteran team members have a collective ocean of good advice to share on all the stuff you were afraid (or didn’t know who) to ask. And furthermore, the whole lot of us are absurdly intellegent and wise! It’s true.

Now, if we haven’t covered your rookie question yet, just use the comment link below, and ask. After all, what are teammates for?

(And to all experienced team members: please remember back to when you were newly diagnosed. Remember how confused and frustrated you were? And how little you knew about what to do, and how to handle what was happening? Please give generously of the knowledge and practical solutions that you have aquired through trial and error. Think of what could have saved you some trouble and heartache if you had only known. Let’s subtitle this area for the veterans among us as “If I knew then what I know now…” and we’ll regard the “add comment” links below as “add advice” links. You’ll be doing a wonderful thing.)

So rookies, please read on!

Veterans, fire up your keyboards!

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