How to handle intimate relationships?

This can be a seriously touchy area, no pun intended. What will your significant other think about your hair loss? How to broach the subject with a new boyfriend/girlfriend? Will you be able to still see yourself as sexy and beautiful? Will they?


  1. since my divorce two years ago I have gone from moderate AA, to loosing all my hair and wearing a wig, I would love to date and have someone special in my life, I am so worried to tell someone about my wig, any advice out there??? thanks

  2. It doesn’t really matter when you find the right person. The hard part is telling all the wrong people on your way to finding the right one.

    In the end, everyone is putting themselves out there in one way or another. Just being honest about things is the best way to build any meaningful relationship.

  3. I agree , being honest is the correct answer , Regarding to relationsips.

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