For the Newly Diagnosed

You may want to start here if you are newly diagnosed. We know that this is probably a very confusing, lonely, and frustrating time in your life. Everyone here has experienced that frightening moment when your doctor names your condition, and then follows up with the upsetting news that there is no real “cure” and that what may happen next is unpredictable at best. Just try to remember to relax. Most people respond pretty well to treatment, and even though it is a possibility, it is also pretty rare to lose all of your hair.

You may have only a bald spot or two, but would like advice on what medical options to discuss with your physician. Maybe you and your doctor already have a treatment plan in action, but you would like help figuring ways to “hide” your spots in the meantime. Heck, you may just need to vent and moan and rail against the universe for your rotten luck in getting picked for this crazy team in the first place! Yeah, yeah……..we know, we know. Trust us, we know! But here we all are, stuck together (thank God) for now. If you like, we’ll rail against the universe with you. And after we’ve gotten it all out, we’ll get back to the business of pushing for treatments that work, increasing awareness and understanding of our “uniqueness”, and looking rather stylish while we’re at it.

So, rookie, welcome to the team! Let’s start getting you equipped, shall we?

And don’t forget to explore the other areas of this site. There are interesting sections that we hope you will find helpful. Just to name a few…

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