Wig & Fall Brands

More than anything, we want our wigs and falls (sometimes called wiglets or toppers) to look natural and attractive. And it’s wonderful news for us that hairpieces are so hugely popular now. Celebs like Jessica Simpson are even coming out with their own lines. There are more brands than ever, and the quality and style are getting better and better.

But there is still alot to talk about and to compare and review. Especially since there are so many different brands out there, and it can be really difficult to sort out which brand is best for our particular needs. Some lines run large while others tend to be a bit snug. Some look more natural than others and some last longer than most. For the most expensive wigs, some brands offer a better value for the money spent, and some are better under certain conditions than others. And when looking at buying a fall, it would be good to know which lines offer the most coverage, blend in with remaining hair the best, and have attatchments that pull and pinch the least.

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