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  1. This company issued me a return authorization number for a defective wig with a sewing issue. It was worn for a total of 4 hours before I noticed the problem. I send it back for an exchange they told me I could receive and when they receive it they want to charge me an extra $70 because the item was on sale when I bought it but not now. I suggested that this policy is not for defects that can be damaged out the manufacturer at which point they verbally attacked me, calling me a liar, falsely stating that the wig was *heavily used* and they discarded it and I can’t return used merchandise (hello, I told you it was used when I called requested a return to which you gave me an authorization after I presented all the facts!). Now they have my money and I have no merchandise, they will not refund or exchange. That is pure insanity. I have seen similar experiences online. If you have had an issue with them, I encourage you to do what I did and report them to the Better Business Bureau:

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