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Wigs & Pieces welcomes you to the number one web site in the UK for all your Wigs, Hairpieces.
Wigs and pieces have over 40 years experience in the hair and wig industry, Wigs and Pieces have become experts with wigs and hair, focusing on high quality wigs, hairpieces, hair styles, products and services.

From the Wigs and Pieces website:

What makes the Wigs and Pieces web site different from other wig web sites is that Wigs and Pieces proprietor and head wig consultant Angela and her team of professional wig consultants have the experience to advise you which wig or hairpiece to choose from. They have over 35 years experience in the wigs and hair fashion industry. There are several type of wigs; real hair wigs, monofilament wigs, hand-tied wigs, machine made wigs, capless wigs – all these wig types may seem daunting when trying to choose your wig or hairpiece.
We will advise you personally what we think is the best wig or hairpiece for you. Some people prefer to have a real hair wig as they like the look and feel of real hair, whereas other clients like the fact that a fibre wig is always styled for them all they have to do is shake the wig and wear it.
When it comes to hairpieces the choice supplied by Wigs and Pieces is endless, as you look through our collection you will see over one hundred different types of hairpieces. They range from real hair, clip on, comb-attached, scrunchies with hair to butterfly clips with hair attached. If you are not sure what colour to choose from, please send a sample of your own hair to us and we will colour match it to as near as possible to the

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