Louis Ferre – NRC-2 – Monotop Human Hair Wig – Petite/Average


Hair loss is a much more widespread problem in women than you may think; however, as a sufferer knowing that other people are affected by baldness, for whatever reason, is little comfort. As a woman, hair loss is particularly difficult to deal with, as society holds beauty in high regard and hair is a major part of the female appearance.

Fortunately, there are many treatments available that can prevent hair loss and even stimulate growth – some more successfully than others it has to be said, but just knowing that treatment is out there is reassuring in the long term. There is also another, more simple way, to camouflage hair loss as a woman: a wig.

Wigs are widely available and vary quite dramatically in both quality and price.
One such product at the higher-end of the market is the Louis Ferre – NRC-2 – Monotop Human Hair Wig , but is it worthy of its nearly $1,600 price tag?

The Hair

Many elements go into the perfect wig – length, style, fit – but the most important is undoubtedly the hair. As luck would have it, hair quality is an area in which Louis Ferre excels. This NRC (Natural Root Construction)-2 Monotop wig, like all others in the Ferre collection, is made from 100% human hair. The value of a human hair wig over a synthetic wig cannot be understated. Not only does this product offer more versatility than the cheaper un-natural alternatives, it lasts longer, it is more durable, and, crucially, can be styled to suit your appearance.

The hair itself is made from high quality Chinese human hair and processed just like European hair; this gives it a thick and luxurious feel that is cuticle-free, so there is no tangles to deal with – a definite bonus over natural hair!

The Fit

This 16-inch wig is long and glamorous and the fit is second-to-none. The petit/average sized cap has a circumference of 21-inches. Front to back the cap is 13.8-inches and ear to ear is 13.4-inches. It is important that you make sure this fit is right, otherwise the wig will look like a wig, and you don’t want that!

The manufacturing of the cap is what sets Louis Ferre wigs apart from others on the market. The special Monotop system is designed to feature a European super-fine ‘Crystal Net’ and illusion front with invisible hand-tied knots. What this does is enhances the effect of the front hairline, the top scalp area, and the parting area, and the result is perhaps the most realistic wig you will ever see.

The ventilation of the cap is excellent and adjustable hooks ensure a comfortable and snug fit, which is aided by flexible ‘Crystal Net’ ear tabs.


The idea of a wig is to look like a person’s real hair, appearing as natural as possible in both style and fit. This is something that Louis Ferre understands better than anybody else does, which is why this wig is amongst the very best on the market.

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