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Y’know, patch sprays and concealers have kind of a bad rap. We blame the infomercials! So there’s this guy right? And he has this huge bald area covering most of his head. So he sprays this product on and Voila! He now appears to have a beautiful full head of hair and the ladies can’t resist him! Hooray! No, no seriously, we believe you.

But the simple fact is that these products have some great uses. Small(ish) patches can be hidden. Used correctly, these products can be really useful. Some work better than others. Some are dangerously overpriced.

What we need to know is, which ones really do work? And are there some that work better than others? And as there are tips and tricks to using even the best of them, what is the best way to use them? Because, unfortunately, as these useful concealers really do have such a bad reputation, many alopecians who could really benefit from them, are reluctant to try them. So if you have ever used one of these products, please take a moment and leave a review.

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