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Scarves and bandanas are kind of a staple in the alopecians arsenal. There are even alopecia related sites that sponsor bandana exchanges. Scarves and bandanas are just so easy. They are relatively cheap, comfortable, stylish, and fun. They can keep your head warm, or keep it safe from the hot sun. They are masters at covering the oddly placed patch or patches. There are so many ways to tie them and wear them, that even the most sophisticated head scarf wearer can always learn a new trick.

Here we will focus on sites that sell these little marvels. Some sites carry high-end head scarves that would be as comfortable in the office as they would be at a dressy lunch. Some sell just the workaday bandanas that you love to run around the house and run errands in. Some sites cater to alopecians and others that have medical hair-loss. Because of these specialty sites we will also include hair-loss sleep-caps and swim-caps in this category, as well as those unique fabric head covers that are meant for alopecians.

When reviewing these sites, we want to know if the scarves are comfortable, if they stay put once they are tied on (often this means that they have at least a little bit of stretch to them), and if they look good. Most alopecians prefer a somewhat larger scarf or bandana, as they offer more coverage and are easier to tie in different styles. We also are interested in a specific site’s return/exchange policy, and if they offer good customer service.

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