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Alopecia can be a lot of things, and one of the things alopecia can be is expensive. From doctor’s appointments to treatments to wigs, hats, and concealers; alopecia takes a substantial bite out of your wallet. Add to that the cost of the items we buy that don’t quite work, don’t fit, or are of poor quality. And as if that weren’t enough, we alopecians are often the victims of those marketers who prey an our hair-loss insecurities.

Well we here at Alopecia Online would like to declare “Enough”! Together we have probably bought every product and shopped at every website. So here is a place where we can share our knowledge of these products and stores, whether they be good, bad, or otherwise. Take a few minutes to look over the products and sites up for review. And if you have experience with any of them, please give your review for the benefit of others who may be considering purchasing.

You may also notice that we have review categories for things that are not really products or stores. But as these things can also be money sinks, we thought it was a pretty good idea to put them out there for us all to talk about as well. There are some treatment areas on the list, (some physician prescribed, and some not-so-much).

Some treatments and therapies can actually contain or halt hair-loss and some can help to re-grow hair. And some are useful for general health, happiness, and confidence. And, okay, let’s face it. What works for someone, may not work for someone else. So when you review something, please give as much detail about your experience as possible.

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