Beauti-Full-Brows® are the new cosmetic “eyewear” you want to use when nothing less than perfection will do! They are semi-permanent tattoos applied to the skin ,with water, in about 60 seconds. Beauti-Full-Brows® are an innovative product designed to replace the trials and tribulations of eyebrow pencils and powders. They are perfect eyebrows every time and once applied they:

Don’t smudge or smear away
Can last for days, even through a rough night
Are symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing
Are unequivocally waterproof
Are applied in just 4 easy steps!

Beauti-Full-Brows® are semi permanent tattoos and cause absolutely no discomfort to apply or remove. They are manufactured with safe inks and have FDA approval. They can be removed easily with makeup removal pads or baby oil. Beauti-Full-Brows® are the makeup of the New Millennium!

Q. “Could I put the tattoos on top of eyebrow hair?”

A. “Yes, but not too much hair. You can have fine or thin hairs. This product is designed for people who wear eyebrow pencil or have very little eyebrow hair. It is really perfect for women who are thinking about getting permanent tattoos applied because with Beauti-Full-Brows® they can change models if they change their hair color, get a tan or just want a different look.”

-From the Beauti-Full-Brows website

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