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Let’s be straight. Hats, whether you are experiencing hair-loss or not, are just playful and fun! Most of the sites in this category have no alopecia related marketing strategy. They just sell headwear to the stylish masses. Men love them. Women love them. And men and women love each other in them!

For our purposes we are interested in the different styles the websites carry and how they can help us alopecians cover our hair-loss without looking like we are. We also want to know which sites have good return and exchange policies, and which offer excellent customer service.

For men, there are some occasions when a baseball cap just won’t cut it. And women can dress their heads up for a special formal event, or down with a hip, sexy, casual look, just by changing their hat. And kids are also big fans, especially those kids who just have no interest in wearing a hair piece.

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