Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Eyebrows and eyelashes really do help define a face. And for those of us who have lost part or all of our brows and/or lashes, the loss is much harder to hide. Fortunately, false eyelashes are trendier than ever and becoming more natural and easier to apply.

And there are now several eyebrow options as well. Some brow pencils and powders look great and last for many hours, if not all day. And there are even eyebrow “wigs”, each with varying degrees of naturalness and steadfastness. There are even alopecians who swear by the permanence of tattooed on eyebrows and eyeliner as a way to define the eyes.

If you use any of the products listed, kindly tell us all of your experience with them. If you use something that we don’t yet have listed, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list so that other alopecians can benefit from your knowledge.

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