Hair Loss Vitamins for Women

We might not talk about hair loss among women all that much, but it is a very real problem. The good news is that many women respond very well to vitamin supplements that block DHT and encourage new hair growth. And while not every supplement works equally well for every woman, there are enough choices that you should be able to find one that achieves positive results for you.

Here are the five leading hair loss vitamins for women now on the market:

Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx

As a supplement designed primarily to block DHT, Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx works equally well for both sexes.
Women will find the supplement especially helpful because of the addition of Keratin, a structural protein known to help build thicker and fuller hair.
Hair Maxx also includes vitamins to improve circulation.

Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality

Bosley is one of the most trusted names in hair loss treatments. Therefore, it is really no surprise that their Healthy Hair Vitality supplement is very popular.
Healthy Hair Vitality contains a number of vitamins and minerals, including Bosley’s lifextend complex to revitalize thinning hair and promote new hair growth.

Lipogaine for Women

Lipogaine for Women contains Minoxidil, the most used medication to treat alopecia. It also includes Biotin for healthier and stronger hair as well as a proprietary herbal complex that blocks DHT.
Most importantly, this treatment is not taken orally. It is a liquid applied directly to the hair and scalp.

Country Life Maxi Hair

As one of the less expensive hair loss vitamin products, you might expect Country Life’s Maxi Hair to not work well. Nevertheless, it gets good reviews across the Internet.
It contains a long list of essential vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth and a healthy scalp, skin, and nails.

Viviscal Hair Nourish

Viviscal Hair Nourish is one of the most popular hair loss products around the world, and one that has been featured on numerous prominent television programs. This extra strength formula is backed by five clinical trials that show it works to block DHT and promote hair growth and a healthy scalp.


If you are a woman suffering from hair loss related to alopecia or any other condition, you do not have to simply accept it. You can try one of these supplements; if none works for you, your doctor might be able to recommend something else.

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