Looking for a Few Good Writers!

Alopecia Online is looking for talented young writers to blog about their experiences with alopecia. We will be hosting a Teen Blog and a Kids Blog. Each blog will have several official bloggers, so that no one writer carries the burden of keeping the blog going, and so that readers get the benefit of many viewpoints on what it means to be young and dealing with hairloss.

Each blogger should be willing to write a paragraph or two each month for the site. What you might write about is largely up to you, but should be about your life as an alopecian and what that means to you, and how that effects you. For example, buying a new hat or wig, going to alopecia related events, difficult days, fun days, what you think about having alopecia and how you handle it, going to the doctor, why your best friend is the best….all that stuff. Teens might also include writing about dating and dances, the pressures to fit in, going off to college and meeting new people, etc.

This is an opportunity to help other kids understand that they are not alone. And to create the type of online community for kid and teen alopecians that adults have been enjoying for years. Other kids will be able to comment on the blog entries and engage in a discussion on the topic put forth by the blogger. Of course any comments that are mean-spirited or inappropriate will be removed.

Interested young alopecians should be between the ages of 8-13 for kids, or 14-20 for teens. Please submit 2 blog entry samples (on the topic of your choice) to [email protected]. Don’t worry about being especially long or short, just say what you want to say. This is a volunteer position on the site, but you will be credited in whatever manner you choose (although for safety reasons, we can’t let you use your real names). Good luck and we hope to be reading your work online very soon!

And don’t forget to visit our Kid’s Page and our Teen’s Page.

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