What Would You Like To See Here?

We are just going to be honest here… We haven’t a clue what to do with you guys. We are no longer teenagers {give us a moment while we thank the powers that be!}, so it would be foolish for us to try and design an area that you all are going to like and use. We know that you are cool, and smart (of course), and that you have lost some or all of your hair, and we know that that sucks.

And that’s pretty much it.

If you look under the ‘Junior Team’ menu link, you’ll see that we are currently recruiting for teen bloggers. But what else would you like to have here? Perhaps a mentoring program where you can help, council, and advise younger alopecians?

Maybe we could hijack an idea from the SmartGirls site and have a “Sticky Situation of the Month”? We could post a teen member’s thorny problem, and let the other teens take a crack at helping them solve it. If you have some other ideas, throw them at us. These pages belong to you.

Speak Your Mind

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