Teen Goes From Hiding Her Alopecia, to Homecoming Queen

Washington Times syndicated columnist Marybeth Hicks wrote a really great piece about a girl she met backstage at her own daughter’s high school musical. We thought you all might like it, so here is an excerpt:

It’s opening night for the high school musical, “Anything Goes.” My daughters are among the cast members spraying and teasing their long locks, attempting to re-create 1930s pin-curl bobs from their modern-day layered haircuts.
I’m backstage to assist in painting and primping the actors, though nobody seems to need me. I stand in the corner with a comb and take in the nonstop teenage chatter.
“Your hair is like, so curly,” one girl squeals to her friend.
“No, yours is so curly,” is the response.
The girls are amazed at the change in their appearance, but then, this is a generation of girls who don’t curl their hair. They straighten it. This explains the “oohs” and “ahs” and “oh-my-gosh-you-look-so-cute” comments as each one pulls the rollers out of her hair.
Then I spot Caitlin, a senior who sings and dances in the chorus.
Caitlin’s head is bent low over a makeup mirror. She applies eye shadow in a luscious jewel green. Her cheeks are appropriately pink, her lips full and red.

Just now she’s filling in the line where a portion of her left eyebrow used to be…..

If you want to read what happens next, click right here.


  1. That is an amazing story and I wish when I was young and losing my hair that I could have a role model like Caitlin. Unfortunately, I had nobody else to compare myself to. I seemed to be the only one and it was a lonely disease.

    I’m getting more confident every day.

    Just started having it come back with alot of hair loss. I’m definitely handling it much better now.


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