Alopecia Teen is Fourth Runner-Up in Miss Delaware Pageant

Kayla has had alopecia since she was 10 years old. But she hasn’t let her lack of hair translate into a lack of confidence. There is a essay by Kayla on the website and here is an excerpt:

The presentation was called “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”

The fragile, marshmallow-white girl stood up in front of the class. “I woke up one day to the surprise of drool on my cheek and a bald patch on my head,” she said.

Although only 11, she gave her presentation using terms that only adults or medical students would understand. “My project is about the autoimmune disorder I have: alopecia areata.”

Her classmates needed no explanation since it was obvious that the girl had lost her eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. She frequently had to leave school for doctor appointments. Teasing was never an issue for her because people saw that she had not let her condition affect her life; confidence was her key. Her peers frequently asked her why she chose not to wear a wig, and she would merely reply, “My hair may be short enough to cause worry, but life is too short to allow it.”

That girl is me. And today she is winning beauty pageants….

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