‘My Twinn’ Dolls Can Be Made To Order

Speaking of dolls, there is a company out of Colorado that is well known for making one-of-a-kind dolls, that look like the child they belong to. One Mom of an alopecia child recounts her experience with the “My Twinn” doll company on the NAAF website:

Being a parent of a child with alopecia can be overwhelming and challenging at times, especially in a society that puts a tremendous amount of value on the way you look physically. In the past year, Maegan has mentioned on several occasions that she would like to have a doll that resembled her, a doll with no hair.

My sister, Tricia, mentioned a company called “My Twinn” located in Colorado that makes one of a kind dolls created to look like your child. I wrote “My Twinn” with the following special instructions:

In a world full of “Barbies” and dolls with hair, it is difficult for Maegan to identify with dolls that do not resemble her. As parents, we are asking for your help. We would like for you to make a doll, without hair, with a separate hairpiece that Maegan can take off and on her doll as she wishes. We are requesting the following:

? A “My Twinn” doll that has no hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes

? A separate hairpiece that can be taken on and off the doll. The hairpiece should have bangs and shoulder-length hair, curled under for body and fullness.

Within a period of a month, I received a special doll that looks exactly like my daughter! I am so grateful to companies such as “My Twinn” who make accommodations for special, unique children! Maegan loves her doll and it will accompany her throughout her childhood.’

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