Komfy Kids

Okay, to start with, these dolls are just really cute and fun. But especially if you are a kid dealing with hair-loss, these dolls can be great friends and companions. You can get boy dolls or girl dolls, or hey, why not both? Each doll comes with a removable wig and you can get matching hats and t-shirts for the cute kid and the cute doll. Awww……

The Komfy Kids website describes the magic of their dolls this way:

Cancer & Alopecia Patients:
Your child will instantly become attached to their plush Komfy Kids doll as it helps them regain their confidence and self-image, and your child will have a comfortable and fun doll to help them feel good about themselves without hair. Komfy Kids are huggable, loveable, and most of all, they are your child’s best friend.

And kids of all ages seem to agree. You can also dig the fact that a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to the “I’m A Kid Foundation”.

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