Children’s Alopecia Project

The CAP vision statement is as follows:

It is our goal to improve upon the lives of children suffering from any form of Alopecia by:

  1. Funding a children’s support group i.e., a place where they can go and feel supported and comfortable discussing their difficulties and coping mechanisms in dealing with their disease
  2. Raising money to send children who might not be able to attend the annual conference of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF)
  3. Donating monies for research on a regular basis
  4. Promoting public awareness through community based events

And the cool people at CAP really do all that, and more. Summer camp days for alopecia kids, support group meetings, and fundraisers and benefits that put the F-U-N back in fundraising! By all means check out their website. And a really easy way to support their efforts on behalf of kids with alopecia, without even leaving the house, is to buy yourself (or your super-cute kid) one of their t-shirts or hats. Click here to go to the CAP store

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