Styling Tips for Women: How to Cover Bald Spots

women cover bald spots.jpgBald spots are the last thing a woman wants to see when she stands in front of the mirror to do her hair. Unfortunately, it is a reality that many women have to deal with. Learning how to cover those bald spots is a skill that can help restore self-confidence and make a woman feel a lot more comfortable with herself. According to the experts, there are three primary ways for women to cover those annoying bald spots:

  1. Hair Pieces – Small hairpieces and extensions can be used to cover bald spots very discreetly and in a way that looks natural. Both are usually available wherever women’s hair care products are sold.
  1. Hair Color – A great way to give the appearance of fuller body is through the use of two hair colors. Use a dye one shade darker than your normal hair color at the scalp and roots. Use your normal color for the remainder of the hair. This will increase the perception of body while helping to hide bald spots.
  1. Styling – Lastly, a good stylist can work with you to create a look that effectively hides your bald spots. A skilled stylist will know how your hair should be cut, combed, and presented for the best results.

Bald spots are certainly something women find embarrassing. Nevertheless, you do not have to live with them if you don’t want to. Speak your hair stylist for additional tips that might work for you.

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