New Alopecia Treatments

New Alopecia TreatmentsTreatments for alopecia sufferers tend to be divided into two groups, those with less than 50% hair loss, and those with more than 50% hair loss. Whilst in some cases hair will regrow eventually, many sufferers feel they should try some method of treatment to see if it aids regrowth.

Research is currently being undertaken to find new methods of restoring hair to alopecia sufferers. At present, steroid injections are the most effective technique of treatment for small areas of alopecia. Injected into the bald areas, the steroids prevent the immune system from attacking whatever hair follicles are present and hair may be stimulated enough to grow again after about a month. However, the alopecia may return once the injections stop.

Immunotherapy is the most effective treatment method for total or extensive hair loss at present. Using a chemical solution known as diphencyprone (DPCP) on a small area of bald skin, the treatment is repeated weekly using a stronger amount each time. The DPCP eventually causes an allergic reaction to the skin and can trigger regrowth of hair.

Laser Therapy

Laser light therapy is one of the new alopecia treatments and involves using laser light to increase the energy available to cells and stimulate the hair follicle. A course of laser treatment usually lasts six months with the option to carry on for a further six months if it is believed to be beneficial.

Laser combs also use laser light therapy to stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth. They can be used by anyone with a hair loss or thinning problem and by increasing blood flow to the hair follicle and causing more nutrition to be supplied to the hair, existing hair condition is also said to improve.


Electrotherapy combined with UVA therapy have had some positive results in encouraging hair growth, along with electrical acupuncture which is said to stimulate hair follicles and increase blood flow to affected areas.


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  2. I have a seven year old daughter that has recently within five months developed alopecia. We waited for the longest for an appointment a referral had to be made despite the referral. I was told that it took Seven to ten days after the referral to input information and make appointment. After, calling a whole month and was told that her information had not been received. June finally, an appointment but it’s as though no one sympathizes with a kid having Downs and Alopecia. I mean totally disturbing. If it is caught in a certain amount of time does that help with the growth or does it matter?

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