Baldness Patterns

Baldness PatternsMost men experience baldness patterns at some stage in their lives. The most common pattern balding is called androgenetic alopecia and it typically manifests by a receding at the front of the head accompanied by thinning on the top.

A bald patch gradually develops around the middle of the scalp eventually meeting with the receding hairline to create the familiar horseshoe-shaped ring around the back of the head.

Male baldness pattern

Men are usually attributed to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causing the hair follicles to shrink creating a diminishing of hair production until it eventually ceases.

Female Baldness Patterns

Women tend to experience hair loss mainly at the crown, usually after the menopause and an overall thinning of hair is often experienced. Although less common than in men, it is becoming a growing problem. Believed to occur because of male hormones, female hair loss is also connected with some illnesses, hormonal changes as with pregnancy and ovarian cysts, and a side effect of some medications.

Baldness patterns have been linked with age and genetics as well as the effects of the body and facial hair-promoting sex hormone DHT.

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