Types of Alopecia

There are three types of Alopecia: Areata, which is characterized by patches of missing hair on the scalp, Alopecia Totalis, which involves the entire scalp and Alopecia Universalis, which includes the entire body. Alopecia Universalis is the rarest form of the condition, affecting between 1 to 2 percent of individuals.

If there is only one patch of missing hair, it is referred to as Alopecia Areata Monolocularis. If multiple patches of hair are missing, it is termed Alopecia Areata Multilocularis. Alopecia affecting only the beard area in men is termed Alopecia Barbae.

In all forms of the disease, the hair follicles remain viable, meaning that they do not die or become dormant. Even without medication of any kind and after years of inactivity, hair follicles may suddenly resume normal functioning again.

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