Alopecia Hair Replacements

Alopecia Hair ReplacementsFor long-term sufferers of alopecia, finding a suitable hair replacement system can be the solution to a condition that can cause embarrassment and emotional upset.

Specially designed hair replacement systems can be grafted onto the scalp to disguise areas suffering from hair loss. These alopecia hair replacements are made from human hair and are created to look identical to the alopecia sufferer’s natural hair. Attached to the scalp using a surgical gel, the system needs to be reaffixed every month, but the entire system can last up to 4 years. These pieces can cover the entire head if required, or just small areas.

Wigs provide another option for alopecia sufferers and come in the form of removable wigs or grafted to the scalp. Full lace wigs, also known as full cranial prosthesis, are constructed with a gauze-like material and secured to the head with a liquid adhesive. They provide a natural look that can be worn for weeks at a time, and washed and styled like natural hair.

Short-term Solutions

Clip on hairpieces may prove useful as a short-term solution for small areas of the scalp suffering from hair loss. Likewise, hair extensions either bonded or woven into healthy hair may act as a longer-term solution to help disguise bald patches of scalp.

Cosmetic scalp makeup helps to camouflage and disguise thinning areas of hair by colouring areas of the scalp to resemble hair colour.

Temporary concealers can be sprayed, brushed or shaken on and can create the effect of a fuller head of hair but can restrict users within daily activities as some can be washed, rained or rubbed off. The latest hair loss concealers contain microfibers, which cling to existing hair and create the illusion of thicker hair.

Surgical Procedures

Hair transplantation involves redistributing existing hair around the scalp by transplanting individual hair follicles. This is a type of cosmetic surgery and is only effective if the existing hair is healthy and enough of it is present to transplant elsewhere. Recommended methods are plug or micro grafting which give excellent results. Surgical procedures are mainly used for baldness pattern issues and not as alopecia hair replacements.

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