Young Alopecian Finds Comfort in a Doll That Looks Like Her

Lots of kids like dolls that look like them. One need only look at the great success of companies like American Girl to see that. But kids who are dealing with hair loss find that there options are pretty limited. One enterprising mom in Colorado went out of her way to see that her daughter had a doll that she could relate to. This excerpt was originally printed in The Gazette, in Colorado Springs:

A doll is being specially made for Maddie Werner — one that will look a lot like the second-grader. It will have pale skin, a few freckles and will wear either jammies or a soccer uniform. And like Maddie, it won’t have hair.

Maddie, 7, has lost her curly goldenbrown locks — her “princess hair,” as she called it. She’s also lost her brows and lashes because of a condition called alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles.

The condition isn’t contagious, isn’t lifethreatening and isn’t painful. Maddie is otherwise healthy. Still, her mother, Lisa Werner, worries about her.

“I think that girls or women have a lot of identity tied up in hair,” Lisa Werner said.

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