Rupert Everett has alopecia?

So here’s the big question that has the alopecia blogs humming… Mr. Everett has apparently told London’s “Daily Telegraph” that he is now infertile due to medication he is taking to control his alopecia. He has reportedly stated that if he were to stop taking the drug he would lose his hair, and given the choice between his hair and his sperm, he chooses his hair. Now what medication could that be? Some bloggers and forums are suggesting that he is really on anti-baldness (the male-pattern variety) medication and that he is merely calling it alopecia (which, of course, technically it is) to hide the fact that he has MPB. There is also a great deal of dissing Rupert for choosing his hair over the chance to be fertile.
This seems a bit of an unnecessary slap to the man as he is nearing fifty and very openly gay. Seems that he has already made his reproductive decisions.

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