Mother Suffers Through Alopecia All Over Again With Daughter

Sometimes life isn’t fair, and sometimes Life Isn’t Fair. The Mirror is reporting the heartbreaking story of Louise Gibsonand her struggle with alopecia since she was nine. And now she must watch as her own daughter copes with the same disease. Starting at 18 months old, little Nikkita began to lose all of her hair as well. So not right…right? Well it seems the children will lead the way on this one, and Louis speaks in the article of how her daughter and her friends are handling her hairloss like champs. She is also hoping to raise enough money to buy her little girl the wig that she dreams of. It’s a lovely story, and we thank the Mirror for telling it.

(As a little bit of postscript here, you can link here to a blogger who saw little Nikkita on British TV and their thoughts on her appearance. We don’t judge ’em folks, we just post ’em. Post what you think…..)

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