Alopecia Vitamins

Alopecia Vitamins

One of the causes of alopecia is a vitamin deficiency due to poor diet or a diet lacking in vitamins essential for healthy hair. Revising the diet to include vitamins and minerals, which encourage hair growth, can have a positive effect on existing hair and patchy baldness.

Vitamins that can help with restoring natural hair growth include the following.

, which promotes hair growth and is crucial for preventing hair dryness.


combined with biotin has been used successfully in treating alopecia in children.

B complex vitamins.

B12 is not stored well in the body so a supplement may be required. It can be administered by injection or taken orally with Vitamin C, which helps with absorption. Other B complex vitamins are important for hair and skin condition.

Vitamin A.

This is an anti-oxidant, which helps with scalp oil production. Excess amounts can be toxic so no more than the daily-recommended dose should be taken.

Vitamin C

is one of nature’s antioxidants and helps to keep hair healthy.

Vitamin E

aids scalp circulation and cell regeneration.

When suffering from alopecia, vitamins will help to maximize the body’s ability to grow new healthy hair. A balanced diet containing whole grains, egg yolk, fish, fruit and vegetables, and dairy will provide most of the vitamins required to promote hair growth.

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